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Say Goodbye to Random Acts of Marketing
Strategic marketing solutions that unlock exponential growth, increase customer value and create internal alignment

Marketing that performs
From Scattered to Strategic

Do you ever feel like your company's marketing efforts are all over the place, with no clear direction or strategy?

A scattered, "random acts of marketing" approach can leave your messaging inconsistent, your resources wasted, and your customers confused about what you offer.

In today's competitive landscape, you can't afford to miss out on opportunities or lose sales due to ineffective marketing. That's where a strategic, customer-centric approach comes in.

By understanding your customers' needs and preferences and crafting targeted campaigns, you can unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts and drive growth and revenue for your business.

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Marketing clarity
Drive Growth with a Tailored, Goal-Oriented Marketing Strategy

Marketing can be overwhelming and unreliable, leaving you unsure of where to invest your resources.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach, and past attempts with 'experts' may have fallen short.

Our solution? We help you design and execute a cohesive marketing strategy rooted in customer research, tied to your company goals.

Experience marketing results without the overwhelm.

Stacey Danheiser, CEO Shake Marketing Group, B2B marketing mentor, B2B marketing consultant. I help B2B organizations drive revenue and internal alignment through customer-focused marketing strategies.
What we do
Expert Guidance to Simplify Your Marketing and Drive Results

  • Consulting

    Uncover what your customers really care about and how to better position and communicate your value in a crowded market. Through 1:1 customer interviews, and internal workshops, you'll finally be able to stop guessing. And start acting.

  • Marketing Mastermind

    We're building strategic marketing leaders. Our mastermind is a group mentoring program that meets twice a month. It's designed to help you develop strategic leadership skills to catapult your career, credibility and impact as a marketing leader.

  • Group Training

    You need a roadmap for growth. We've got you. The Confident Marketer Playbook is an 8-week live, small group training program that walks you through a 9-step marketing strategy framework. You'll gain clarity, confidence and alignment knowing that you're focusing on activities that will produce the highest results.

Our Clients
Trusted by smart, savvy brands

We specialize in helping B2B organizations with aggressive growth goals.

  • Arrow Electronics - A global Fortune 150 B2B company specializing in <em>electronic</em> component sourcing, manufacturing, product designs and technology.
  • Frontier Communications is a Fortune 500 telecommunications company providing internet, phone, collaboration, and cloud services to residential, enterprise and wholesale.
  • openoptic_color.png
  • Level 3 Communications (Now Lumen Technologies) is a global Fortune 500 telecommunications company that offers communications, network services, security, cloud solutions, voice, and managed services for enterpise and government.
  • janus-1.png
  • ws-horizontal-logo.svg
  • One Neck IT Solutions -  a CRN top 500 solution provider, specializes in Hybrid IT, Multi-Cloud solutions and services and secure data centers.
  • Juniper Networks - A global Fortune 1000 company specializing in high-performance networks for enterprise and government.
  • Doyle Group IT Consulting
  • MPC Commercial Construction
  • The Monaco Group IT Consulting
  • Aschenberg Law Group
  • Hivery Software

Tools to help you become a better marketer.

  • Value-ology

    Learn how to develop a relevant, customer-focused value proposition that aligns sales and marketing to the customer.

  • Stand Out Marketing

    Stand Out Marketing reveals 5 key competencies that modern marketers need to develop to differentiate their companies and accelerate their marketing career.

  • The Confident Marketer Scorecard

    See how you score against high-performing marketing indicators and increase your ability to build impactful and confident marketing strategies in the digital era.


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Get the latest from Shake Marketing Group

We'll send you a monthly newsletter with ways to stay relevant to your customers and grow your marketing career.

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