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Constantly coming up with new and creative ways to reach your prospects. Responding to all of the Sales team’s requests. Pulling together internal resources to produce innovative content. And did we mention keeping track of and measuring the impact of your efforts and reporting back to the organization? And the Sales job isn’t any easier. You’re faced with reaching multiple decision makers across multiple departments. Navigating your way through complex deals. And staying on top of every product enhancement/ change that your organization pushes out.


We are passionate about helping you tune into what your customers value so that you create compelling content and messages that resonate with your customers and ultimately win business. With constant advances in technology, you have a world of customer data, innovative marketing tactics and unlimited options at your fingertips. But in order to stand out from the competition and drive profitable growth, your organization must truly understand customers and develop themes and messages that really speak to them. You need to be creative. And your internal teams need to be fully aligned to the customer. We call it Value-ology – where art meets science.

CEO & Founder
Stacey Danheiser

Stacey Danheiser is the CEO and founder of SHAKE Marketing Group, based in Denver, Colorado, and the co-author of Value-ology. After nearly 15 years in marketing leadership at various Fortune 500 companies, Stacey started SHAKE Marketing Group to help B2B organizations shift from product-pushing to customer-focused.

Since then, SHAKE has worked with B2B clients in a variety of industries such as Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Software, Hardware, Professional Services and Financial Services to develop and implement customer-focused programs that force a major shift in thinking and prioritization.

SHAKE’s goal is to create an experience that provides only actionable advice and recommendations (no unproven theories or impossible-to-execute ideas).

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We have a group of specialist associates that work with us to deliver value to you.

We're here to help you create, communicate & deliver significant customer value.

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    Dr. Simon Kelly

    Dr. Simon Kelly is CEO of Cohesion Marketing Services, based in the U.K and the co-author of Value-ology. He has 35 years’ experience in the ICT industry in customer service, sales and marketing. He pioneered the move from ‘product push’ to ‘value-based’ selling and marketing while at BT. A ‘pracademic’, he has developed innovative marketing and sales skills modules for Sheffield Business School where he is a Senior Lecturer.

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    Dr Paul Johnston

    Dr. Paul Johnston is co-author of Value-ology and a former lecturer at Sheffield Business School. His research specialism is business to business marketing management. Prior to this, he spent 20 years in the gambling and electronic games industry with board level roles in competitive strategy, key account management, marketing research and product innovation roles.

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