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Discover the real reason your organization isn't winning the marketing game...and how to fix it.

Look inside, the real reason your b2b organization isn&#x27;t winning the marketing game. <br/>Are you looking for better results from your marketing efforts? Do you wish your b2b marketing team were more strategic instead of just focusing on execution? Look Inside shows you what it takes to build a thriving marketing team that drives revenue group. Our A3 model is designed to propel your company to the next level: alignment, accountability and acceleration.

Your Marketing Team isn't the Problem

As a business leader, you likely feel frustrated with the results you’re currently getting (or not getting) from your marketing efforts. You’re pulling your hair out with questions like:

· “We continue to invest in marketing, why aren’t we growing faster?”

“How can I get my marketing team to think strategically instead of blindly following instructions?”

· Other companies have cracked the marketing code, what are we missing?”

Marketing can be a frustrating game of trial and error. While your marketing team may be highly proficient at producing content and campaigns, without alignment on company priorities, these efforts rarely move the needle. You find yourself forced to run marketing on top of all your other responsibilities.


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    Develop a culture that understands what it takes to tune into customers and constantly strive to differentiate.

  • Entrepreneurs
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    Marketing Professionals

    Elevate the role of marketing within your organization and make a bigger impact with your programs.

The Marketing Book Podcast
Find Out why the Marketing Book Podcast calls this one of the Top 3 books Every Marketer should read!

You will learn how to:

  • imagine the future so you can spot the next competitive move
  • stay in tune with your customers and become inispensable to them
  • create internal buy-in for your initiatives before you start executing
  • Evaluate whether or not things are working

…and much more.

Featuring interviews with industry experts, tools and exercises throughout, Stand-out Marketing is an essential resource to help companies stand out, deliver genuine value, and achieve competitive advantage.


This pragmatic book deals with an age-old problem of how to give customers something of stand-out value that they are prepared to pay for. I commend it to you.

Professor Malcolm McDonald
Emeritus Professor, Cranfield University School of Management,

A must read for sales and marketing leaders who want to develop the talent to set their organization apart.

Andrew Crouch, President
CEO, UniTek Global Service

Offers invaluable advice, based on credible research, about how your marketing and sales professionals excel now and into the future.

Clare Kemsley
Managing Director, Hays Marketing, UK and Ireland

Today customers are overwhelmed with information to help them make choices. You MUST read this book to find out how to help your organization swim away from this Sea of sameness!

Colin Shaw
CEO and Founder, Beyond Philosophy

“Equips sales and marketing professionals with the capabilities to stand out.

Nick de Cent
Editor-in-chief, The International Journal of Sales Transformation
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About the Author

  • Stacey Danheiser, CEO Shake Marketing Group, b2b marketing mentor and consultant
    Stacey Danheiser

    Stacey Danheiser is CEO and founder of Shake Marketing, a B2B marketing and sales consultancy based in South Florida. She has 15 years’ experience in marketing leadership roles at various Fortune 500 companies in the cable, telecommunications and financial services industries.


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