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The Future of B2B Marketing post COVID-19: Now What?

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Why B2B Marketers Must Get Back to Basics in a Post-COVID-19 World

Everywhere you look, companies of all sizes seem to be offering their opinions, sentiments and advice related to COVID-19. 

Tired of all the noise and reference to a “new normal”, we set out to learn about the current State of Marketing and how marketers are setting themselves up for success during these changing times.

Shake Marketing Group reached out to B2b marketing leaders in technology, software start-ups, FINTECH, and global manufacturing to get a sense of what they think will change for marketers in the future.

What’s inside the Report:

- Learn how top marketers are driving strategies and activities that elevate their role beyond customer communication.

- Discover the missing ingredient that will help set your company apart and ensure that you are staying relevant - even in uncertain times.

- Find out where to focus now. 78% of marketers surveyed state that communicating customer value is a vital priority this year. We share 5 key areas that help you tune into and adjust the value you deliver to customers.

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