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Are You Laser Focused On Your Ideal Customer?
April 4, 2018 at 11:00 AM
by Stacey Danheiser

Imagine that you’ve built a terrific product and are all set to launch it in the market as the next big thing that will solve people’s problems. But which people? “We are targeting everyone” is a phrase that no strategic marketer ever wants to hear. And yet, this seems to be a common practice amongst B2B organizations in most industries.

If you are marketing your business without an in-depth understanding of who your ideal customer is, you are probably just shooting in the dark. And I’m not just talking about defining the B2B organizations you want to work with in terms of industry, number of employees or number of locations. In today’s complex buying world, you have to go deeper to understand the individual departments and decision makers you need to target to ultimately make a sale.