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Let’s face it—being a marketer these days is HARD. You probably not only have to deal with ill-defined and pigeonholed views of your role in the business, but also increasingly have to compete with marketing software and solutions that promise instant ROI. You know that your work requires creativity and vision rather than a formulaic, one-size-fits-all approach, but trying to convince your coworkers and superiors of this is like banging your head against a brick wall

You are not alone—marketers across the entire industry are experiencing these frustrations:

  • only 5% of CMOs feel like they have a significant say in the business strategy of their organization. When even CMOs are feeling alienated, the entire field of Marketing is clearly facing some problems!
  • 83% of marketers feel burnt out. This is typically due to being overloaded with projects and tasks set by other departments.
  • The definition of marketing varies by organization. Some think it’s the “party-planning department”, others call it the “coloring-in department”—we say it’s the heartbeat of any organization! Marketers are responsible for driving customer-focused strategies that no other department can match, yet are all too rarely given the credit deserved!

You are not alone.

Despite some people’s views on the role, being a marketer requires a diverse and perfectly blended skillset. Creative. Analytical. A master project manager. On top of this, you need a very thick skin to deal with all the uninformed opinions!

Unlike departments such as Finance, Marketing departments are under constant pressure to justify their contributions and strategies. You probably know how frustrating it is when people with no knowledge of marketing think they can do your job better than you can.

Are you:

  • Overwhelmed and uncertain about which marketing strategies to implement?
  • Struggling to prove the ROI of your decisions?
  • Frustrated that your coworkers don’t understand marketing?
  • Spending valuable time and effort trying to convince managers of the value of your work?
  • Eager to learn from other marketers on what strategies work best?
  • Struggling to build effective, consistent marketing strategies?
  • Unsure how to find out what your customers want?

With the majority of marketing professionals feeling undervalued, overworked, and unheard at the company table, we have a serious problem that needs to be addressed!

Soar Marketing Society

Our community is a space that enables marketing professionals of all types and in all sectors to connect and communicate with each other. Whatever obstacles you are facing in your career, you are not alone—there are almost certainly other experienced professionals who have been in your situation and can offer advice, guidance, and support.

Some of the common marketing problems that members of Soar Marketing Society can help you with include:

  • How to develop the confidence to use your skills and knowledge to personally drive a customer-focused marketing strategy, rather than taking a back seat
  • Getting buy-in from your leadership team—from Sales to Product to your CEO
  • Making sure that you always have a seat at the table when it comes to influencing business strategy
  • Measuring the success of your activities and turning this into definitive data to present to senior management
  • Using data and analytics to gain meaningful insights into customer behavior
  • Understanding how to say “no” to counterproductive suggestions, even from your superiors
  • How to develop your skills as a marketer and advance your career
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