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Sales Activation
Sales Activation
Mobilize your sales team to close more business

Face-to-face and phone contact with sales representatives continue to rank highest among B2B buyers considering, evaluating, and purchasing products, as well as in product-loyalty decisions.

Executive buyers overwhelmingly believe that the strongest differentiator is when vendors understand the buyer’s business and prescribe tailored solutions – yet only 27% of Executives find Salespeople knowledgeable about their business (Forrester research). And with the average buying committee consisting of 5.4 buyers (across multiple departments), it is critical for sales to be able to connect with each member of the committee and address their concerns.

A Sales Playbook is a robust tool for the B2B sales professional that takes them from a point of market and customer understanding through a successful sale. It helps improve sales confidence, enhance credibility, improve customer satisfaction (by being more customer centric), and ultimately leads to an increase in sales and revenue.

Sales Activation
This solution is for you if:
  • Your sales team is having trouble elevating the customer conversation.
  • Your deals end up in “no decision” more than you’d like.
  • Your sales team generally connects well with one department or buyer type, but fails to loop in the entire buying committee.
  • You have a good “macro” story but have trouble building tailored value propositions for individual prospects that demonstrate customer understanding.

Sales Activation
Output includes
  • How to have a deeper understanding of your customer. Questions to ask to truly understand what motivates a prospective customer, where they seek information, and how to align your product or service to customer needs.
  • How to connect the dots from your company value proposition down to the individual buyer (macro to micro).
  • How to create value propositions at a customer level that resonate, set you apart and ultimately lead to a sale.
  • How to create a unique “personal signature” that communicates your individual value as a salesperson and establishes credibility and trust with clients.
  • Examples of how to use content and other intelligence in the sales process to advance the deal.
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