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B2B Marketing Strategy
Marketing Plan
The marketing plan is your blueprint for success

Your marketing plan provides the roadmap for your organization to grow. Without a marketing plan, you are left making sporadic and often ill-advised decisions, which ultimately leads to a sloppy and inconsistent customer experience with your organization.

Are your marketing and sales touch points telling a consistent story? Are your offline and online tactics well-integrated? According to Sirius Decisions, 67% of B2B buyers are completing their buying journey digitally. With an overwhelming amount of information available to your potential customers 24/7, it is critical that your Marketing and Sales content activates and delivers customer value.

An integrated marketing plan ensures that you remain focused on the top initiatives that will produce the highest results. It doesn’t mean you can’t stray from the plan, in fact we recommend that 20% of your plan is “unbaked” – so that you can test new tactics and take advantage of unforeseen opportunities.

Marketing Plan
This solution is for you if:
  • You need to build or refresh your go-to-market strategy
  • You’re launching a new product or into a new industry or market.
  • Your marketing and sales objectives aren’t clearly aligned to the business.
  • You frequently chase the bright shiny object; i.e the latest social media app or other marketing tactic “guaranteed” to produce results.
  • You aren’t tracking your marketing ROI, or worse, you are tracking the wrong metrics.

Marketing Plan
Output includes
  • 3rd party industry research, customer surveys and 1:1 interviews (with internal teams and customers).
  • Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • How to connect the dots from your company value proposition down to the individual buyer (macro to micro).
  • Ideas & suggestions for content creation.
  • Comprehensive marketing calendar and budget.
  • How to repurpose, reuse and recycle content to implement on different marketing channels (social, web, email, sales collateral).
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