Stay Relevant to Your Customers
Learn how to tune into what your customers value and accelerate your marketing impact

Customers want value. If you don't give it to them, they'll go somewhere else.

Plain and simple. Your ability to communicate and add value will determine if you can get your customer's attention and win the deal.

It's a simple question. But not easy to answer.
Why should a customer choose YOU over your competition?

If you’ve been in B2B marketing or sales for the last few years, you’ve definitely noticed some changes - longer and more complex sales cycles, more buyers involved in the decision-making process, and more buyers coming to your organization with a clear idea of what they want.

As buying cycles become more complicated, now more than ever, it’s critical to have a compelling value proposition that connects the dots for potential buyers and clearly illustrates how your solution solves their problem. But this is easier said than done, as recent research shows that 83% of marketers have no idea how to develop or apply a customer value proposition!

But don’t stress. As it turns out, there’s a formula to articulate a powerful message. And now we want to share the secret with you.

Based on our book, Value-ology we created this course because there is often confusion about what a value proposition is. And, there is no universal approach to how to create a value proposition.

It’s not something that is taught in school. And yet, it is the most important element of your marketing plan.

We'll walk you through the exact steps to come up with your own compelling value proposition. We give you actionable tools, templates and strategies to discover what your customers need and how to communicate with them in a relevant way.

Customer-centric organizations are 60% more profitable than non-customer focused organizations (Deloitte and Touche)
Why is creating value for your customers so important?

Quite simply – customers want to do business with organizations that understand their challenges and can prescribe tailored solutions. Yet only 27% of Executives say that salespeople are knowledgeable about their business.

And if you can’t explain why a customer should do business with you (in terms that resonate with them), you’ll lose the sale.

You can set yourself apart.....while 95% of executives say they need financial justification for major purchase decisions (IDC), only 5% of salespeople provide this to prospective buyers.

Imagine IF...

  • You no longer had to guess about what your customers really need
  • You cracked the code on what makes your company unique and better
  • You were confident about how to create a value proposition and communicate impactfully with customers and prospects
  • You equipped the sales team with meaningful insights and tools to help advance the sale
  • You stop wasting money on creating ineffective content
  • You were confident that you were helping your customers instead of bombarding them

We understand that it isn’t easy to figure out what your customers need. It’s even harder to crack the code on what your customers value. But we can teach you how. And the payoff is huge.


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Get the latest from Shake Marketing Group

We'll send you a monthly newsletter with ways to stay relevant to your customers and grow your marketing career.

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