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Caught in the Calms of Complacency: Why Data Center Companies Need To Get Ahead of the Next Wave Now

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Data Center Industry Needs To Prepare for the Changing Seascape

According to PWC, “ the role of the data center has now changed from being an infrastructure provider to a provider of the right service at the right time and the right price. ”

We analyzed the websites and Twitter feeds of the top 30 data center companies across the globe, and we found 3 key imperatives for data center companies to ensure future success.

What's Inside the Whitepaper:

  • Our findings on why we believe the data center industry has a false sense of security and needs to beware of the "complacency trap"
  • Why data center companies are missing an opportunity to create and communicate value beyond the IT department
  • How empty promises and claims lead customers to tune out
  • What data center companies can do today to get ahead of evolving customer demands and create a competitive advantage
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