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Aligning sales and marketing to shape and deliver profitable customer value propositions

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What's in it?

Powerful Tools to Advance your Business

It has never been easier to produce great marketing content and sales collateral. And yet, 90% of the content that marketing produces is NEVER used by sales. Why not? Because it’s not relevant to the audience, or the prospect doesn’t even know the content exists. Furthermore 58% of deals end up in “no decision” because Sales has not presented value effectively.

The problem is that companies are creating a lot of noise, but failing to resonate with their customers.

In this book we focus on the single biggest contributor to the success or failure of companies -  staying in tune with what your customers value.

To survive and thrive we argue that it’s time to go back to the basics by putting a focus on creating value for your customers. Over the past two decades, we’ve seen first-hand what can be accomplished when Sales and Marketing work together to understand and deliver customer value.  

The book is loaded with actionable templates, exercises and frameworks. Before we get to the how to in each chapter we seek to help improve your understanding of concepts and issues that will successfully drive a customer value-led approach into your business. Importantly, we help you make the business case for this approach by providing lots of credible supporting data and insights.

Incorporating three new pieces of original research and by integrating the best ideas and practice from commercial experience and academic research, we show you how to create value across the entire marketing and sales value chain – to keep and grow existing customers, acquire new customers, and to continue to create value for future purchases.

Who should read it?


Seasoned Marketing professionals

Over 200 million pieces of online content are produced every minute. Chances are, your message is not seen or heard by your prospective customers. Learn how to understand who your buyers are and how to resonate with them through targeted messaging, content and campaigns.

Experienced Sales practitioners

Your customers are 60% of way through the buying process before they contact you. If you have struggled to resonate with customers, or ended up in a stalled customer deal, this book will show you how to connect with multiple decision makers and create value in the moment.


Customer-centric organizations are 60% more profitable than non-customer focused organizations (Deloitte and Touche).This book will provide you with the foundation you need to make a pivotal shift in your organization from internally focused to externally focused, ultimately leading to more revenue and better ROI.

Business owners

As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats. But none is more important than understanding what your customers need and value from you. This book provides you with a formula to communicate with your customers, in terms that they understand, so that you can build a thriving business.

College Students

Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate business student, this book goes beyond the classroom with practical advice and tools to show you how to develop a deeper understanding of your customers and ultimately thrive in your career.

What will I learn?

HOW TO Save Money, Improve ROI and Grow your Business

We tell you what, why and how to uncover and understand what your customers really care about and how to deliver value to them.

The book provides you with...

  • A proven formula to grow your business – by focusing on what your customers value. On average, organizations that adopt a customer value-led approach achieve at least 10% revenue growth.
  • Templates, frameworks and specific action steps to build your value proposition. Because we want you to easily and quickly implement these new concepts into your business.
  • Steps to take within your organization to become more customer-centric
  • The importance of building cohesion between marketing, sales and the customer
  • How to stop wasting money on ineffective, irrelevant marketing and sales content. 94% of customers will disengage with your company based on irrelevant content.
  • Improved understanding of key concepts - value, value proposition, campaigns
  • How to start delivering real value to your customers and stop producing product-led marketing and sales content. 91% of Executives said they would happily forward marketing content if they found it insightful and relevant.

What are people saying?

Praise for Value-Ology

“A unique insight into understanding, developing and articulating customer value propositions that work in sales conversations and through marketing channels. Mobilising marketing and sales to work together to create value for the customer can deliver great results, I can vouch for that.”
‘’About 20 years ago Flash had an advertising line ‘we do the hard work so you don’t have to’.  Well clearly no book could be a substitute for hard work but it could be something that would really help you practically to deliver tangible improvements in customer value. Don’t make mistakes you don’t have to when the very wise authors have pulled together all this research and knowledge and put it at your fingertips.’'
“Top performing companies have one thing in common – they understand who their customers are and what they care about most.  This book provides a practical, step-by-step guide to uncover and articulate customer value.   A book foundational to delivering on customer value and to your business success.”
“The more you understand your customers the clearer things become.  The key to building a great customer experience is to understand how customer value creating value propositions improve their lives. I’ve witnessed this approach in action and seen it deliver powerful results. Highly recommended reading”
“Easy to read, underpinned by research and highly pragmatic. This is a major step forward in filling the void in the domain of creating value for customers.”
“Moving customer conversations from product to customer value sounds simple, but it’s not easy. Managing your sales and marketing assets in this way creates lasting competitive advantage because it is not easy to replicate. I have experienced the kind of growth the value-ology approach can help drive. This book can help you mobilise customer value in your own organisation. Highly recommended  A Winning Approach!”

Meet The Team

The co-founders, Stacey Danheiser and Simon Kelly have been in your shoes. We have a long track record of leading marketing at blue chip organizations in the telecom, cable and financial services industries. After witnessing all of the time wasted on creating marketing and sales programs, campaigns and content that just doesn’t produce results, we started SHAKE Marketing Group to help organizations bring the focus back to the customer.

We understand that it isn’t easy to achieve internal alignment, which is why we are fanatical about running programs that aim to create cohesion amongst sales, marketing and product organizations.  We have successfully developed and implemented customer value programs that forced a major shift in thinking and prioritization. We draw on the best work from academia and practice to provide creative growth solutions.
Our goal is to create an experience that provides only actionable advice and recommendations (no unproven theories or impossible-to-execute ideas).

We are well informed by leading academic and commercial research, and through our own experience. We like to immerse ourselves in our clients’ world and engage with their teams. We can be controversial and irreverent if it helps moves you forward – and – dare we say, fun.


Co-founder Stacey Danheiser is a customer-focused and passionate marketer. Prior to starting SHAKE Marketing, she was most recently Director of Channel Marketing for Janus Capital Group, a global asset management firm.  While at Janus, Stacey initiated customer-focused value propositions and integrated marketing campaigns to reach the firm’s Financial Advisors.  Prior to Janus, Stacey oversaw integrated marketing for the large enterprise segment at Level 3, where she was responsible for marketing to the firm's top enterprise customers and equipping the sales team with actionable and dynamic tools.


Prior to co-founding SHAKE Marketing Group, Simon Kelly led a dispersed team at Level 3 in the development of creative, innovative marketing programs value propositions and messages to reach the firm’s Enterprise, Government and Wholesale customers. In this job he pioneered a proposition marketing and sales program which delivered record revenue growth. Simon was also Marketing Director for BT Major Business. He was responsible for marketing to BT’s top 5000 Corporate and government customers and pioneered a proposition marketing and sales program which delivered £250m p.a. revenue growth. Simon also leads Master's level marketing courses at Sheffield Business School in England, and has been a visiting lecturer at University of Colorado (Boulder) on their International Telecoms Masters program.

Who wrote it?


Stacey Danheiser is a 15-year marketing veteran and co-founder of SHAKE Marketing Group, where she works with B2B organizations to create customer-focused messaging and integrated marketing strategies.

Dr. Paul Johnston has previously worked in the B2B and B2C commercial gaming industry. He has spent the last decade as a principal lecturer in marketing at Sheffield Business School (part of Sheffield Hallam University).

Simon Kelly is co-founder of SHAKE Marketing Group. He was a pioneer of the customer value-based approach in his earlier corporate career. A “pracademic”, he now brings his 35 years marketing and value proposition experience to clients and to his work at Sheffield business school.