Our Approach

We’ve walked in your shoes so we empathize with the key marketing and sales challenges you are facing:

Produce relevant content

94% of prospects have completely disengaged with vendors… Because their 'content' fails to resonate (CEB)
58% of deals end up in "No decision" because value was not presented effectively (Qvidian).
On the one hand, company marketing departments are producing more and more content than ever before. It would seem that much of this is ineffective as customers get bombarded, in their ever-crowded inboxes, with irrelevant material.

Companies are creating a lot of noise, but failing to resonate with their customers. Despite the lack of effectiveness, companies continue to waste millions of dollars on creating irrelevant messages and tools, unaware that the consequence is customer detachment.

If you do manage to get through the customer's door, your job is to show them that you can provide enough value to convince them to make a change. Your biggest competitor is inertia. 58% of deals end up in "no decision" because value was not presented effectively (Qvidian).

Communicate value consistently

67% of buyers have a clear picture of the solution they want before they engage a sales rep (Sirius Decisions ).
B2B buyers tend to be over 60% of the way through the sales process before they contact a sales-person.(CEB)

Value needs to be consistent throughout all channels

In this omni-channel era, where potential buyers get lots of product and company information online, buyers are conducting their own research and forming their own view on exactly what they need before they contact a sales rep.

It seems that if you fail to talk to customers about the things that are important to them, based on what they see as relevant value, they will have checked out of your electronic building before your sales rep gets in to see them.

Align to what your customer’s value

Less than 40% of firms believe Sales and Marketing are aligned with what customers want. (Cespedes, 2014)
32% of sales people say they lacked useful or relevant content from marketing. (Sirius Decisions)
90% of sales content is never used in selling. (Qvidian, Sales Execution Trends 2014)
To be relevant you have to be aligned to your customer concerns, needs and wants. This appears to be a major challenge for many firms with less than 40% of firms believing that Sales and Marketing are aligned with what customers want. (Cespedes, 2014).

The relevance that the customers is looking for is also something sales expects to get from marketing. Here we see a disconnect with 32% of sales people saying they lack useful or relevant content from marketing. (Sirius Decisions). Even more alarming, is that 90% of sales content is never used in selling. (Qvidian, Sales Execution Trends 2014)


Our overall approach to help you achieve customer relevance, resonance, consistency and alignment - which nets up to credibility, is what we call Value-ology - where art meets science:
Value-ology recognises that the quest to unlock customer value is a combination of: objective analysis to unearth customer value, creative insight to tap into customer value, development of value propositions that resonate with customers, effective sales and marketing alignment, consistent execution and feedback mechanisms to improve value offerings.
We work with clients through a proven, 4-step process
Step 1:
Here we combine science and art through secondary and primary research into markets, customers and competitors to begin the quest to unearth customer value. We combine quantitative and qualitative analysis to better understand what your customers need, where your organization may be falling short, and what it takes to consistently deliver value to your customers.
Step 2:
We will uncover major customer value themes through creative analysis and insight. Typically we will recommend what value opportunities to shoot for and how to start to develop value propositions that resonate with customers.
Step 3:
We like to work with you to help achieve effective sales and marketing alignment and consistent execution. We bring sales and marketing together to develop effective customer-focused messaging and help create integrated campaign plans that harmonise sales and marketing efforts.
Step 4:
Review & Measure
Our success is based on your success. We will begin with a clear set of objectives and agree how these will be measured. We will work with you to ensure feedback mechanisms from customers are in place to improve value offerings.